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Detailed Application and entity view
Visualise any custom entity type in a hierarchical tree format, associating assessed subjects in a nested format for instant identification of full relationship of dependencies, no matter how complex the application being assessed.
Define and discover the risk factors posed by who you're dealing with

In KYCP, entities are defined as subjects being assessed for risk levels, be they organisations, their officers, shareholders, beneficiaries, associates, private individuals or any custom definition set at programme creation level.

Detailed entity views are intuitively accessed from the application tree and feature any set of custom defined fields, any uploaded documents associated within one or more applications, face-to-face video calls, time-stamped and user-defined free-text notes.

The completion of any field and transmission of required documentation within entity views can be delegated directly to the individual or organisation being assessed though an encrypted link transmitted to an associated email address.

Further security is provided by a one-time 6-digit access code sent to an authorised mobile phone number in compliance with heightened 2-factor authentication practices.
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