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KYC for Banking
Customers that pose higher money laundering or terrorist financing risks present increased exposure to banks; due diligence policies, procedures, and processes should be enhanced as a result. KYC Portal is the unique tool that enables enhanced due diligence for higher-risk customers.

Throughout the development of the actual tool, we sat through a number of workshops with a number of banks to gather the requirements within this sector. This helped us in creating a platform that allows for all the due diligence processes across the various arms of a bank.

KYC Portal is built to allow a bank create various programmes catering for the various services it offers such as personal banking, business banking, investment and fund services, wealth management and international clients. Each of these programmes have specific requirements each of which dictating their own type of entities, scoring mechanisms, questionnaires, document types and related material.

One of the most powerful features for the banking sector is the automated generation of a relationship organigram per entity in your application. No matter how complex the relationship is, KYCP can generate the relationship of a specific entity across all the programmes of the bank.

KYCP adds a lot of value to the banking sector considering the volume of transactions that banks handle every single day. The automated notification system allows the bank to focus on the actual handling of the due diligence process whilst the system automatically alerts on the actions that need to be tackled such as expiry of documents, alerts of screening services and also the upcoming review dates for verified applications.
Discover the full power of analysis with the integration of financial transaction records both on a real-time perspective as well as a historical audit. KYC Portal will automatically raise the alerts on all the transaction monitoring based on the pre-defined anomaly patterns.
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