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KYC for Gaming
Due diligence and Anti Money Laundering checks have become critical within the gaming market. KYCP is the best MLRO (Money Laundering Reporting Officer) that any gaming industry can hire guaranteeing the peace of mind all throughout the operation.

The Gaming industry is a constantly changing, fast paced industry, which experiences constant varying regulations and the increased audit measures.

It is one of the biggest industries that attracts most fraudulent activities and the ongoing battle of regulatory bodies within this market is to minimise such crime happening within this business. It is the operators' responsibility and legal commitment towards the operating license to be compliant in such matters.

One of the most important factors within the gaming industry is the due diligence check process prior to subject persons withdrawing funds from the accounts. The larger the withdrawal the more intense the due diligence process to ensure that no transaction is fraudulent.

Such practices are so time consuming and elaborate that gaming operators need to have MLROs (Money Laundering Reporting Officers) employed to manage the process.

KYCP is purposely built to streamline the entire operation and assist MLROs by providing the technology, the automation of scoring and checks with global screening services and also provide all the necessary reporting requirements that need to be presented on a regular basis.
Discover the full power of analysis with the integration of financial transaction records both on a real-time perspective as well as a historical audit. KYC Portal will automatically raise the alerts on all the transaction monitoring based on the pre-defined anomaly patterns.
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