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KYC for Regulating Bodies
The task of regulating bodies is that of providing all the means and information to operators within the market to be able to reduce fraud. The remit of such bodies is that of enforcing certain processes to ensure such compliance and reduce risk. KCYP offers the most suitable and dynamic platform to manage such operators.

The main focus of regulatory bodies is that of providing all the information to operators to be able to reduce the possibility of fraud. Such bodies exist within different sectors, such as corporate / financial and iGaming. The secondary aim of such bodies is to enforce such regulations in order to ensure that the operators are always compliant.

Similar to the due diligence process that operators conduct on their clients however, such governing bodies need to process due diligence on their operators. A means to be able to ensure that the operators are adhering to the respective regulations.

Being both a KYC (customer) as well as a KYB (business) platform, KYCP allows for the creation of such business together with the respective documentation, questionnaires and also face-2-face interviews all of which are recorded and audited within a tamper proof system.
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